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Say No to Bullying

As a gathering place for community youth, parks and recreation facilities present negative-behavior opportunities unavailable in other open spaces.  By establishing an anti-bullying campaign, Northeast Park is taking a stand and putting patrons on notice that bullying is not tolerated. Ideally this can aid in overall community awareness and prevention of bullying. Our aim at Northeast Park is to educate, prevent, and intervene.

Participants Representing Brown Wesleyan Church

Northeast Park teamed up with Win-Win Resolutions and Brown Wesleyan Church on Saturday, October 15 for our first"Walk Against Bullies". Participants from as far as Winston-Salem, Chatham, and even Virginia came out on the picture perfect fall Saturday to support the cause and enjoy fellowship. A sumptuous assortment of fruit, muffins, pastries and beverages was provided by the church. Enough funds were donated to cover the expense for nine children to attend
a six week anti-bullying program.
A big thanks to co-sponsors and to all participants.

  The Bethea Family and Win-Win Resolutions                  NO WALKING FOR THESE TWO!!!!
          Executive Director, Debra Viglianno

    Debra Viglianno with Win-Win Board Member     Michael Magnes, NE Park Mktg. & Event Coord.
          Ron Shuster and his wife Sue                                   leads a group of walkers

Puppy Tank Leads Dalton Loftis

I Pledge to:


1.      Be respectful & fair.

2.      Not take part in bullying or being a bully.

3.      Stick up for others who are being bullied.

4.      Tell an adult if I see bullying.

5.      Help other kids and adults learn about bullying.

6.      Be friendly to kids who are left out.


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